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CareerPrepped connects learners, educators and employers to enable virtual work-based learning and skills-based hiring. CareerPrepped provides a rich set of lifelong career success tools educators can use in hybrid and remote settings to cultivate students’ employability skills and help close the skills gap.

Help Learners Build, Prove & Showcase Their Skills.

Build Skills


Use multi-media content, learning activities, & virtual tools to help students build employability knowledge & skills.

Prove Skills


Empower students to document their own learning and prove their technical & employability skills with authentic evidence.

Showcase Skills


Enable students to showcase their experiences, qualifications & proven skills to tell a compelling career story beyond a resume.

CareerPrepped Skills

Powerful Tools in One System Help You Get Your Students CareerPrepped

Skill Builders

Use Skill Builders to help build students’ employability skills. Each has reflection questions to prompt reflection, a workbook to guide student learning, and “Skill Challenges” for students to apply the skill. Choose the topics and activities you want to use. Customizable rubrics are available to support assessment of activities.

Skill Badges

Skill Badges are an innovative way to help students learn to articulate and prove their hidden skills with authentic evidence others can review and endorse.

Career Portfolio

Enable students to document and reflect on their full learning journey with a Career Portfolio to save their history of work samples, projects and achievements resulting from in-class and out-of-class experiences.

Career Site

The Career Site gives students a single professional web presence to showcase their qualifications and tell their career story. Educators can share Career Site links with employers to differentiate their students and influence hiring decisions.

Career Toolbox

The Career Toolbox gives students a Targeted Resume Builder to build custom resumes from their Career Sites, and a collection of Interview Prep Videos to help them answer common interview questions. We also provide a collection of curated tools for students to research & explore careers, search & compare salaries, and more!

Job Center

The Job Center connects students with relevant opportunities. It allows students to search and save jobs, track their progress from application to offer, and save notes on each job.

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